Another Night in the Caboose of Magical Light, is an immersive multimedia installation inside a salvaged train caboose docked on a railroad car barge (the Lackawanna Barge at Pier 66 Maritime in NYC). The project was sponsored by Fountain Art Fair in 2011. This was a return trip to the caboose, following a project in 2009, Caboose of Magical Light. Another Night imagines a time on the caboose while it was still operational, when it functioned as home and office for its conductor on very long journeys. Spending night after night in this tiny space, running on endless tracks, perhaps things began to turn a little strange. 

Each nook and cranny of the caboose becomes embedded with little spectacles and stories, created from re-assembled found materials, enlivened with projection and sound. In the rear of the caboose, viewers peer into a mirror and find three identical and distorted figures. They alternately speak, "I woke up. I dreamed I was watching myself... I dreamed I was watching myself watching myself... I dreamed I was watching myself watching myself. It got very crowded."

Many of the pieces in Another Night were further developed for the Rec Room series, exhibited later that year.