LIGHT STORIES  is an interactive installation driven by computer algorithms, the internet, and participating performers. Within the A-frame shelter, figurative sculptures present an ambiguous mix of bedding, bird, and machine-kid. The text-to-speech voices, created from real children's voices, beckon viewers to come closer. If participants engage further, the figures divulge current news stories and tell many bad jokes. 

Materials: Feathers & Fiber Fill, Poultry Wire, Wood, PVC Pipe, i-Devices, Found Materials, Custom Software, Sensor, Projection, Sound.  Dimensions: 66”  W x 68” D x 57.5” H.

LIGHT STORIES has been shown at The Lodge Gallery (NYC), The Knockdown Center (NYC) as part of Creative Tech Week, University of Tennessee's Downtown Gallery (Knoxville), and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (Richmond) as part of InLight.