The Ball Pit first exhibited as part of Untitled Apocalypse at The Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC)A life-sized angel figure made of steel inches up a twenty-foot ladder and across a suspended diving board. Via computer-controlled rigging, the angel then flies or falls, depending on the perspective, and plunges into a pit of steel balls below. After each crash, the angel returns to the ladder, and the loop continues. The angel projects her own face, with a projector encased in her glowing star. The Ball Pit's lifeguard- a suspended sculpture made of steel mesh, a ruffled umbrella, and projection- observes the angel's endless loop.

The Angel suggests a character from the Untitled Apocalypse film and wears sprawling wings of metal strips culled from abandoned drop ceilings. The Ball Pit is assembled from found wood, metal shelves, a door, and a window. The "steel balls" of the ball pit are steel food service cans, smashed into form, collected from the kitchens of a local hospital, restaurant, and recycling center. The ladder is assembled from metal ceiling strips. The star is welded from found plastic.