Waiting Room is an interactive multimedia installation, first presented in the exhibition Untitled Apocalypse at the Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC).  A life-sized receptionist figure greets guests, tells stories of waiting rooms, and changes the channel on the television (all channels of white noise, "evidence" as the receptionist says). The tableau hangs in multiple planes, suspended off the ground.

The receptionist is made of found wood, shredded documents, tyvek, stripped a/v wires for hair, and a television tuner. An antennae protrudes from her chest. She sits in a slice of chair, next to a slice of television set, behind two slices of a desk emanating light. Behind the desk she holds a wastepaper basket with shredded documents frozen mid-stream. Equipment includes a computer running the software Processing,  Kinect depth sensor, speakers, and a projector illuminating the figure's face and television screen.